How to restrict bookings in booking commerce?

Published on: 05-Dec 01:01pm

Saurav Pathak

Published on - 05-Dec 01:01pm

In order to provide a seamless booking experience to your potential customers, you should have proper command on every bookings done from your website.

Keeping this in mind, Restrict Bookings Add-On is introduced in booking commerce to prevent fake bookings and restrict the bookings for your valuable customers who are actually interested in your service. Thus, You can prevent your slots from getting booked multiple times using same email address.

To get this Add-On installed in Booking Commerce, do refer below given steps:

  • After login to Booking Commerce, go to Add-Ons on Dashboard.


  • In this section, You will find an Add-On named "Restrict Bookings". Click on "Install" button to get this Add-On.

  • Once You install this Add-On, Visit the "Configure" section and Start adding Rules to restrict bookings based on Email IDs, Tokens, etc. You can also restrict booking of "already booked products" and allow booking after a certain time period.

  • Once You add the restrict booking rules, select the booking products/service on which you want to restrict the booking.

  • Once done, Click on SAVE button.

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