How to add Front Links in booking commerce?

Published on: 06-Dec 06:01pm

Booking Commerce allows you to create your own booking website and offer various booking services to customers.
To make your website more creative and responsive, you can integrate additional features on website Front end so that customers who book your service can have a simplified booking experience. Thus, the "Front Links" add-on is here to enhance the look and feel of your website by adding Header and Footer links on it.

Using this Add-On, You can add a "Label" to be displayed on frontend and insert a link to it where you want to redirect the users. Thus, You will now have an interactive booking website with this Add-On.

You can go through the following steps to install and use this add-on in booking commerce:

Step 1: Login to Booking Commerce and Visit Admin Dashboard and Click on Add-Ons.

Step 2: Search Front Links and Click on "Install" button to get this add-on installed.

Step 3: Once get installed, You can start adding Header & Footer Links with a Label to be displayed on your booking website.

i.e. Enter a Label for Header and Footer and add a link to it.

Step 4: Click on Save button.

That's all about the Front Links Add-On of Booking Commerce.

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