How to manage customer reviews in booking commerce?

Published on: 16-Mar 04:32pm

Customer reviews play an important role in maintaining healthy relations with existing customers and acquiring new customers. This is one the marketing tool that has a lasting effect on your business and does not require any penny to be spent.

Having genuine customer review on your booking page not only creates a positive scenario for you but also open doors to new opportunities. But sometimes you get caught in the trap of fake reviews also either by your competitor or any random person. Such an activity degrade the value your business that has been created over the long run.

However, with booking commerce, you are in full control of the review that you get from your customers. Based on the authenticity of reviews, you can choose to approve or decline any particular review. 

To manage customer reviews, go through the below steps:

  • On your booking commerce dashboard, click on Reviews.

  • Here will see the list of reviews as given by the customers but are in Pending status. Here you can click on three dots on the right side of any review to get option either to Approve or Unapprove the review. 

  • Based on your selection, the review will be updated on your dashboard and seen either on front-end or booking widget. 

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