How to create booking on behalf of your customers?

Published on: 07-Mar 08:00pm

It's not necessary that every customer of yours will come online to book their slot. There can be a possibility that customers cannot access your booking page online and will call you to book a slot for them.

On bookingcommerce, you can also create bookings on behalf your customers so to ease booking process for customers and your schedule is properly sorted.

To create a booking for your customer, go through the below steps :

  • On your bookingcommerce dashboard, click on Bookings.

  • Click Make Bookings, on the top right corner to create a new booking.

  • Next, in Slot Details, you need to select the Booking Product if you have created.

  • After that, you have to select the Timezone.

  • Then, you have to select the Date and Slot Time accordingly on which you want to create a booking for the customer.

  • At last, you have to enter customer details and click Book Slot.

  • Going back to the Bookings section, you will find that booking in the name of that particular has been created and the customer has been notified via email.

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